The Essential Journal is a free tabloid newspaper.
Aimed at the more accomplished gentleman in pursuit of more refined endeavours, we seek to present the exceptional, noteworthy and urbane in the spheres of Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture, with our focus being to invite only hand-picked professionals to write for us. We provide honest stories written with integrity by the professionals and experts within each focus area. This means whether the article is from a respected connoisseur, a globally renowned brand, a trailblazing independent or a newly established a la mode start up, that our goal is the same; To provide our readers with an authentic voice on unique and integral content. Whilst we do work with some of the most respected and established brands, we show no prejudice, placing universally esteemed names alongside the newly established and independent.

If you have a story to tell, we will tell it.

The Essential Journal



The moment I read the journal I instantly loved it, it’s colourful, interesting, well written and has style. I met with Richard and Tom and instantly liked them, there is no ploy here, the Journal is who they are, its a very real representation of them, they live their own brand and there is something about that I like and trust. They are very interesting, well styled gents and I didn’t need a sales pitch to want to be involved in the Journal. As a business that is pushing itself as a premium brand within its market the Journal is a perfect space to advertise along side other great, well established brands. The Journal knows what it is and who its readers are and Richard and Tom know exactly what they are doing and how to gain their target markets interest. Everyone I have shown the Journal to has instantly liked it. Since working alongside the Journal it has been nothing but a positive experience, its raised awareness of our business not just locally but around the world and the guys are great to work with. I look forward to working with them in the not too distant future.

Fazenda General Manager 23rd August 2016