Aesop recently launched a significant expression of their design approach, conceiving a collaboration with Paulin, Paulin, Paulin to transform their rue Saint-Honoré office into a space temporarily housing Aesop Facial Appointments for the first time in Paris.

Throughout Aesop’s 30 years, the company has been constantly delighted by the unexpected affinities that have come about by means of immersion in distinct landscapes, and through the development of fertile new relationships. A sincere interest in intelligent design extends to every aspect of Aesop.

Emblematic of these unexpected affinities, this latest collaboration came about after the son of Pierre Paulin, Benjamin Paulin, incidentally passed the Aesop Condorcet store and observed a vintage Paulin armchair through the window. As a passionate admirer of Paulin’s work, Aesop’s Internal Architect, Jean-Philippe Bonnefoi formed a relationship with Paulin, Paulin, Paulin (a company backing exceptional projects around the iconic French designer), aspiring to combine their common passions to create an experience eccentric in nature. The design brand inspired and advised Aesop to select pieces that reflect the intentions of the space.

The collaboration is an extension of Aesop’s unique approach to skin care that extends beyond their stores – a belief that well-considered surrounds contribute positively to the health of the self and skin.

‘We anticipated a space for Aesop that makes you forget the run of time, and as such, it required timeless furniture.’ said Benjamin Paulin.

Within the Aesop space, a succession of three rooms, including the treatment space, will host this selection of furniture. In this invented environment, all aspects of the design are considered in the interests of disconnecting the visitor from the outside world. The chaotic pulse of Paris is interrupted momentarily, and from this stillness the skin and senses are readied for treatment.

‘Our aim was to create a monochromatic, multi-textural approach to the environment for the body to touch, smell, hear, feel and see. Everything starts from the experience, nothing related to the design or aesthetics is defined in advance or prefigured.’ said Jean-Philippe Bonnefoi. The first entrance room in the space offers a transition from the outside to inside – disconnecting the visitor from the commotion of rue Saint Honoré. In approaching the design, Bonnefoi worked with wax, adopting an unexplored material with the intention of modifying its common use. One hundred-and-twenty wax panels make up the walls and fragment a subdued light through the room.

A stainless steel doorstep allows the presence of the ground to be felt – an expanse punctuated by a Pierre Paulin Tanis desk and Anda chair edited by Ligne Roset.

Providing a conceptual connection between rooms and moods, a wooden passageway offers a structural element to the environment. In the second room, the heavy accent of the entrance space thaws into softer tones of a shared space. A Paulin Elysée table with five with five Little Globe chairs edited by Artifort suggest the imagined presence of conversation and company, as an Osaka sofa edited by La Cividina pens a curved silhouette through the space, encouraging an unwinding of the self as it is stirred and called to be present in the space.

The second door guides the visitor into the Facial Appointments treatment space in the final room; a conclusion that is at once expansive and intimate. Employing the language of skin, leather takes up presence in the space with a Pierre Paulin Elysée chair, complemented by two vintage Elysée floor lamps, offering a tranquilizing crescendo to the atmosphere.

Aesop’s collaboration with Paulin, Paulin, Paulin will see the introduction of Aesop Facial Appointments for the first time in Paris, for a duration of four months.

Launched in 2005 in Melbourne, Aesop Facial Appointments are uniquely tailored to balance, stimulate and intensely nourish the skin. Prior to treatment, an Aesop Facial Therapist will perform a consultation to understand the customer’s aims, discuss any specific skin concerns, and to determine the customised treatment best suited.

Alongside Facial Appointments, the Rue Saint-Honoré address will also host a series of events, talks, workshops and one-on-one meetings with Aesop and Paulin, Paulin, Paulin clients and friends. The space will be available until April 30. EJ