Razor burn, blemishes and dark circles are common skin issues that we all face at some point. With this in mind, Bulldog Skincare For Men have debunked what you can do about the most common skin bugbears:

Razor Burn:
A blunt razor tends to be the culprit of razor burn. Change your blade regularly and use a hydrating after shave balm. Sensitive After Shave Balm (RRP £5.00, 100ml) is fragrance free and contains baobab oil, oat oil and willow herb. 100% of our consumer testers said that this balm left their skin feeling moisturised.

Ingrown Hairs:
Ingrown hairs form when a follicle becomes blocked. Exfoliate before you shave so that trapped hairs come up to the surface of the skin. Original Face Scrub (RRP £5.00, 125ml) is purpose built for men and enriched with amazing natural ingredients like aloe vera and green tea.

Dark Circles:
Late nights, diet and more are to blame for dark circles. Fortunately, Bulldog has a solution (along with drinking lots of H2O and getting more sleep of course)! Original Eye Roll On (RRP £9.99, 15ml) is enriched with ingredients like avocado oil, Brazilian ginseng extract and cucumber oil. We recommend storing it in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation in the morning.

Oily Skin:
In general, men’s skin is oiler than women’s. The weather, gym, diet and more can exacerbate this. The key to staying shine free is all in the products you use. Oil Control Moisturiser (RRP £6.00, 100ml) is a non-greasy moisturiser with witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. It’s been formulated to mattify the skin and improve skin texture.

A common accompaniment that comes with oily skin is spots. Whilst we can’t stop a spot in its tracks we can help soothe the symptoms. Oil Control Blemish Targeter (RRP £6.00, 15ml) has witch hazel extract and AHAs to help minimise the appearance of blemishes and soothe the skin.