For Crockett & Jones, historically superior craftsmanship is the standard, not the selling point

For too many brands, the heritage moniker all-to-often serves as an anchor; a sad and sorry ball and chain that stops a brand dead in its tracks, unable to evolve. For others, it’s an invitation to rest on former glories; a safety
blanket that prevents a brand from reaching its full potential. 

It would be easy for Crockett & Jones to fall back on these said same anchors and safety blankets. After all, they’ve produced some of the world’s finest footwear since 1879. In Northampton no less; the shoemaking capital of England. And they’ve done so, continuously, under the impassioned eye of the same founding family. 

Crockett & Jones, however, have never been one for falling victim to their own nostalgia or for resting on their long list of laurels. For them, heritage provides little more than a century-and-a-half-strong foundation of knowledge and knowhow upon which they continue to strive for greater heights. 

Speaking with some of the country’s leading menswear stores and bespoke tailors, it becomes clearer still that Crockett & Jones have come to redefine the very concept of the heritage brand. Their high standing in style-conscious and sartorial circles is a testament to the brand’s enduring influence, its commitment to superior quality, and its penchant for boundary breaking. EJ

The Westbourne Oxford Shoe, Rhodes-Wood, Harrogate

A discerning gentlemen’s outfitters offering Savile Row levels of bespoke tailoring, Rhodes-Wood have been dressing the satorial minded for over 30 years. It’s no secret that the beauty of bespoke tailoring lies in the smaller details, and the Westbourne – a firm Crockett & Jones classic – has those details in spades. From the fine calf leather upper to the under-laid facing, punched toe cap, the Westbourne Oxford is a celebration of all things sartorial. And what better way to prove that than by pairing the classic Crockett & Jones Oxford with a hand-canvassed, grey flannel suit boasting all over sartorial stitching from Rome? 

‘A suit should be worn, it should not wear the owner. The same goes for the shoes,’ says store owner and solid sartorialist, Jeremy. ‘The Westbourne is a firm favourite for that very reason: it offers comfort, class and durability in equal measure.’ Worn with a handmade, end-on-end shirt, a 36oz English silk tie, and accompanying pocket square, The Westbourne is both a celebration of Crockett & Jones’ glory days, and confident nod to the fact that their best days lie ahead of them. 

The Pembroke Full-Brogue Derby Shoe, Doherty Evans & Stott, Manchester 

Doherty Evans & Stott are a dab hand at balancing the classic with the contemporary. For the Manchester-based purveyors of fine tailoring and superlative garments, working with Crockett & Jones is more than just a perfect fit, it’s a match made in sartorial heaven. ‘The Crockett & Jones Pembroke is one of our best-selling styles,’ says Doherty Evans & Stott co-owner, Matthew Evans. ‘It’s such a classic brogue at first glance, but the styling and shape give you a very versatile and contemporary look.’ 

Here, DE&S take that versatility to task with a look that bears all the hallmarks of true heritage, but with a few forward-thinking flourishes. A classically-cut and custom-made, double-breasted jacket sits alongside a pair of corduroy chinos. The modern, zero-break cuffing on the chinos takes the Crockett & Jones Pembroke from a firm full stop to a show-stopping point of exclamation. 

The Coniston Derby Boot, Pockets, Shrewsbury

Located in the heart of the historic market town of Shrewsbury, Pocket’s flagship store boasts five floors of premium designer apparel, among which Crockett & Jones have become a solid mainstay. 

‘Not only do their shoes retain a superior attention to detail, quality, and durability, they’re also timeless enough to go with any look.’ With a narrow last and svelte toe box, The Coniston boot lends itself perfectly to more casual ensembles and slimmer silhouettes. 

Seen here paired with a slim-fit, beige chino and olive, four-button overshirt the country grain charm of the Coniston boot provides the perfect working example of how a shoe can make an outfit: ‘As good as they are, the chinos didn’t truly pop until I paired them with the boots,’ says Pocket’s sales assistant, Luke. ‘From the fit of the boot to the colour of the leather, The Coniston really sets the whole look off.’

Words by Will HALBERT