Turning an ordinary dish into the extraordinary experience

When taught a family recipe, most people are sworn to secrecy, vowing to never let anyone in on the age-old wisdom imparted upon them. But sometimes, just sometimes, there are a rare bunch of wonderful people willing to break their vows, share their family recipes, and generally make the world a better place in the process. In this particular story, that one rather wonderful person goes by the name of Paola Paulucci. Under the charming little moniker of Flour Will Fly, Paola offers us the chance to revel in the artisanal charm and age-old art of pasta making with a series of workshops hosted by some of Liverpool’s coolest evening spots. So for those who can’t tell their ravioli from their garganelli or their tortellini from their farfalle, Flour Will Fly’s workshops offer both a deep dive into rich Italian heritage and a welcome return to the childlike glee of getting messy in the kitchen.

And it just comes in the nick of time, too. In an era lost to fast food and convenience eating, we find ourselves on the brink of losing our appreciation for the finer things in the world of food. After all, respect for food comes from a respect for its processes, its production methods and it’s traditions. Flour Will Fly wears this respect for tradition on its flour-flaked and egg-encrusted sleeves. More than that, it offers old friends and new acquaintances the chance to get together and try something a little different in the new year. As January fast approaches and we look for evening activities that don’t necessarily involve the bog-standard pint around the pub table, Flour Will Fly offers a compelling alternative to simply getting the round in at the local. Flour Will Fly is more than just a catchy name; it’s a telling glimpse of the fun to be had at one of Paola’s workshops. Yes, you’ll learn a thing or two. Yes, you’ll have a blast in the process. And yes, flour will fly. EJ

For ticket information and to book onto a workshop in 2019, follow along on Instagram and Facebook: @flourwillfly

Words by Ralph CANIS