Keith Floyd, Ant hony Bourdain, Frank Carter and David Bowie. – Andy Taylor

The LA-based artist Cleon Petersen, the Australian author Bruce Pascoe, the late Jonathan Gold, arguably the most important food writer of our times and Patti Smith, singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist. – Ben Shewry


Tina Turner, Barack Obama, Elizabeth David and Al Pacino. – Clodagh McKenna

Aziz Ansari, Jimmy Fallon, Jamie Foxx and Notorious B.I.G. – Dhruv Mittal

Anthony Bourdain, Adam Yauch, my wife (Sharmin) and son (Ludo). – Fergus Jackson

Mum & dad, my wife and my two kids. Well, it will make five… – Greg Marchand

I’m sure this will be a popular answer, Anthony Bourdain, he indirectly changed my life and influenced more people then he will have ever known, I don’t think I will ever miss someone I never knew as much as Anthony Bourdain. Joe Rogan, listening to him has pretty much kept me sane through opening and running a restaurant, it’s like brain exercise. I would probably have to invite Action Bronson and finally Frank Sinatra. – Ivan Tisdall-Downes

My grand uncle, Tatun, my greatest inspiration in the kitchen. My wife, Sunaina, my harshest and most honest critic. Sunaina’s brother, Karam, he’s got an incredible palate and I love talking about food and developing dishes with him. My parents and younger brother, if I cock it all up, they will still eat everything and say they loved it! – Karan Gokani

If I could choose anyone to come to my dinner party it would be Tom Hardy, Dermot O’Leary, Drake and 50 Cent. – Kian Samyani

My Father and Bob Dylan, as that would be the best day of his life (my father’s life not Bob’s). I’d also invite my two brothers who’d hopefully help me with the cooking and perhaps even the washing up. – Merlin Labron-Johnson

My Grandfather, Jimi Hendrix, Anthony Joshua and Kelly Slater. – Michael Carr

So many to choose from. I’m going to choose from the past though so that I don’t offend anyone still living! I’d go for Keith Floyd, he could tell us a story or two and no doubt advise on the wines. He might even help with the cooking. David Bowie, always an interesting person and someone whose music and art I’ve come to admire over the years. I’m sure he’d have some stories to share too. Yoda (I know he’s not real but indulge me!) because someone would have to keep things in order and he’s definitely have a story or two to tell us. And lastly Dean Martin, he’d get on well with Keith for obvious reasons and he could give us a song with David.  I’m sure that would be okay as David did duet with Bing Crosby in his time. That should make for an interesting evening. – Nathan Outlaw

I’d love to hang out with Louis Theroux – I bet he has some fantastic stories to tell. Dave Grohl seems like a lot of fun. Michelle Obama for pure inspiration. Malcolm Gladwell for intelligent conversation. And Amy Winehouse (RIP) for some sass! And my girlfriend Natali. – Nicholas Balfe

My Dad, Sir Alex Ferguson, Valentino Rossi and Sir David Jason. – Paul Ainsworth

Maybe Someone like Christopher Hitchin for rhetoric and to keep the drinks flowing, I think Charles Mingus was a heavy weight Idealist too so he’d be interesting. Then maybe jam someone like David Dameron or Boris Johnson into the mix to heat it up and watch them get annihilated. – Sam Buckley

Elizabeth David, Andrea Camilleri (author of Inspector Montalbano), Herbie Hancock and Aldo Conterno (famous Barolo wine maker). – Theo Randall

Russell Brand, Noel Gallagher, Marco Pierre White and Anthony Bourdain. Now that would be a good mix. – Tom Anglesea

David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Johnny Vegas and Barry Chuckle. – Ellis Barrie

Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, my wife Sarah and Ernest Hemingway. – Robin Gill

Anthony Bourdain. I think that hit everyone pretty hard when he died recently. It would be quite fun to cook for Anthony Bourdain, see what he thinks. I would invite Winston Churchill and he could bring some of his Winston Churchill champagne. I listen to a lot of cricket on the radio, that’s a massive stress reliever for me. Out of choice, I’d have test match special on instead of music, so I would have Henry Blofeld. He could commentate on the whole thing. Then, I would invite Eric Clapton to play his guitar. – Tommy Banks

Interview by Davey BRETT & Will HALBERT