daynightappIf you’re a child of the 80s or earlier you’ll remember a time when Face-Time and hover boards existed solely in the Back to the Future franchise. Where touch button technology was reserved for Star Trek and you had to get up of the couch to change the channel on your TV. The Internet, social media and deals websites were just a twinkle in their web developers eye.

Fast forward 30 years and we have the world at our fingertips. We use apps to book taxis, flights and takeaways. We watch our pizzas being cooked and sent out for delivery on a palm-sized screen. We can control our heating, lights and even our TV using smartphones and have reached a point whereby those who don’t have the latest technology are a minority and people without a mobile phone? Well that’s practically unheard of.

We live in an age of convenience, people know what they want and more importantly they want it available at the touch of a button. People no longer have time to print off tickets, boarding card or vouchers. This is a time where forward thinking app entrepreneurs like Day & Night App’s creator Kevin Aitchison shine. Twenty-One year old Aitchison came up with the concept for Day & Night App after seeing a gap in the market for a no nonsense listings and deals app that serves all sectors. The app features exclusive offers from a huge range of businesses across the leisure and tourism industry and has grown at a rapid momentum since its launch just shy of one year ago.

day-night-1Day & Night App has two main focuses, firstly to be fuss free and user friendly. The app is completely accessible; your 90-year-old Gran or your 9-year-old nephew could use it. To use you simply need to download, open it up and there is a whole host of discounts at your fingertips; no sign up required. The second focus is on providing a viable platform for businesses to promote their products. The Day & Night App team understands the importance of the relationship between the app user and the businesses featured and strive to make deals beneficial for all involved. The apps creator Kevin Aitchison explains,  “We have built fantastic relationships with the businesses that we feature so far, our aim is to be the ‘go to’ platform for any leisure business looking for additional promotion.”

Currently the app serves Liverpool but the business has plans of expansion; “We’re getting the formula right in Liverpool, then the plan is to expand. The end goal is to be available in all major cities, so whether you’re a tourist visiting a new place or a local looking for something different to do your first response will be to open up Day & Night App.”

Day & Night App is available to download for IOS and Android.

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