Have you seen images going around of the coffee shop sign that reads: “No we don’t have Wi-Fi. Talk to each other. Pretend it’s 1995”? Our initial reaction was to roll our eyes.

In the same way we don’t buy into the notion that millennials could afford houses if they spent less money on avocados, we can’t quite accept the argument that technology somehow cripples in-person interaction. Having said that, it did get us thinking about just how much time we do spend staring at a screen.

We believe in living a balanced life and having things in moderation. Our smartphones are a great way to stay connected. The internet is a fantastic source of information. Netflix is your best friend during a hangover. These things are all true but studies do show that our mental health may benefit from occasionally logging off. We live in a stressful, fast paced world – we could do with taking a moment to unwind.

The idea of relaxation and getting back to basics conjures up images of people sat on their front porch, calmly swaying back and forth on a rocking chair. There is something peaceful about that thought. As we enter spring, perhaps it’s time to grab a book, position a rocking chair by the window and make the most of this extra hour of evening sunlight.

Designed by Thomas Pederson, the Stingray Chair from Fredericia is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional rocking chair. Inspired by the fluid shape of the stingray fish, the chair’s large organic form allows for all variety of comfortable seating positions. For those seeking added comfort levels there is the option to add a headrest and sheepskin rug. Stingray is a piece of furniture that provides a unique experience of inner tranquility. Maybe that’s exactly what we all need.

The Fredericia Stingray Rocking Chair is available at utilitydesign.co.uk

Words by Shaun Donnelly
Image credits by Fredericia, courtesy of Utility Design