I once did 14 cities and villages in 14 days around Italy, just to go for lunch and dinner. Now that was fun. – Andy Taylor

Driving through the Victorian countryside stopping at every small town to sample the best steak, bacon and cheese pies. – Ben Shewry


Eating my way down the Amalfi coast. Lots of fresh seabass, buffalo mozzarella, and of course the Amalfi limoncello! Followed by an evening sea swim. – Clodagh McKenna

It would always be India. Start in Delhi stopping at all the best places for individual dishes until you end up in Punjab (a five hour drive). I’d want to get chaat, samosas, kebabs, biryani and jalebis in Delhi, stop at Dhabas on the way for some roadside dhaba chicken curries, and end in Punjab for a thali at Kesar Da Dhaba in the middle of Amritsar. – Dhruv Mittal

Not quite road trip, but a couple of years ago I did the early morning flight to Stockholm, then second flight to Årein Jamtland, Sweden, and onto Faviken in time for dinner. The next day we drove for about eight hours to Norway via a couple of different cheesemongers and some awesome views, although dinner and breakfast alone were worth the journey(s). – Ed Smith

Driving down the Pacific Highway from San Francisco to LA. Amazing scenery, and so much food choice from lobsters and diners to In ‘n’ Out Burger and tacos. – Fergus Jackson

Would have to  be America at the moment, New Orleans and Texas would great, get some good BBQ. – Ivan Tisdall-Downes

I’ve always wanted to do a trip across the US trying the different styles of BBQ. It’s amazing to see people so passionate about what they do and shops/restaurants that serve just one thing and spend all their time obsessing about that one thing. – Karan Gokani

I’d love to travel through Puglia and over to Sicily. Eating in the local locandas, the seafood cafes and shopping in the local markets. Hopefully we’d end up in Catania drinking vermouth by the gallon and eating spleen sandwiches in the streets. – Merlin Labron-Johnson

I did a trip through the Basque region of Spain for a TV programme which has only ever been shown abroad. I enjoyed the food there so much I took my Dad back with my brother for his 60th birthday. They have seasonal, local produce sorted and cook everything over coals. It’s fascinating to watch them cooking and wonderful to eat what they produce. I’d be happy to go back every year. – Nathan Outlaw

The UK is up there with the very best in the world, so I would love to start in Scotland and work my way back home to Cornwall with a detour to Ireland. With the way the food industry is in the UK, I just know that I would have the best food road trip. – Paul Ainsworth

I’m about to take a trip from Emilia Romagna to Naples stopping in various places along the way. I hope for solid, home style Italian cuisine and lots of great wine to fill in the gaps. Ideally there is always somewhere to eat without having to book. Food is accessible, tasty and generous. Diverse and novel with someone able to explain what you’re eating and how its made. I recently visited Korea with Joe Hartley as part of an Art Project called ‘Treasure’ and we were hosted by the Shin Family. Mrs Lim cooked three feasts a day sourcing produce from her garden, we visited the fish market every morning at 6am to fetch an abundance of fish and shellfish and each day I helped prepare whilst our interpreter explained. The family also took us to their favourite sushi spots and other restaurants. This experience is about as generous you can get, I was incredibly lucky to have been asked to be included in the project. – Sam Buckley

San Sebastian. Still haven’t been unfortunately. Waiting for someone to take me. – Ellis Barrie

Spain or Mexico. One trip through each. I never get the time to do that, but I will, at some point in my life, just fuck off and drive through those countries. – Neil Rankin

I really want to go to Turkey. London has great Turkish food, but I follow a few of these really crazy accounts on Instagram and that’re people just making the gnarliest Turkish food. Powerful cooking. Charcoal. I was in Abu Dhabi with this middle eastern dude and I was saying, I want to eat where you eat. And he’s like, what do you mean? He couldn’t grasp that I was asking him that question. I was like, take me to where all the taxi drivers eat. And he took me to this shitty little buffet restaurant and I had the best curry and lamb biryani and fresh roti and it was crackin’. And I was like thank you. He was there and he’s like, ‘do you want to go to… Pizza Hut?’ Everywhere you go, it’s Americans want to eat cheeseburgers. When they’re in Africa, they want to eat cheeseburgers. They go to Spain and they want to eat fucking cheeseburgers. That’s a crazy thing. Why would you want to eat a cheeseburger? It always hums. Bourdain was the biggest advocate for that. Eat where the fucking locals eat. – Matty Matheson

Interview by Davey BRETT & Will HALBERT