An honest man is always a child – Socrates

If there’s a theme that’s running through this issue, it’s not Christmas. There’s no photo-shopped snow or sausage roll Jesus i’m afraid. Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to get your fix elsewhere. This issue is instead a very creative one, as we quiz two titans of British design in Sir Paul Smith and John Pawson. Both are youthful beyond their years and both were a pleasure to interview. Friendly gentlemen, both very modest and happy to sit down and have a conversation. (We’re proud to say a miniature lamb banana statue now sits in Paul Smith’s legendary office, courtesy of us.) Elsewhere, we’ve road-tripped Romania, shared our judgements on this year’s RIBA Sterling Prize, spoken to New York icons Moscot and reminisced on the superclubs of yesteryear. If there was a theme, we’d say it was ‘eternal youth’, but you’ll have to read between the lines to tease it out. Merry Christmas from everyone at The Essential Journal and a happy new year. Take care and enjoy yourselves.