“All great achievements require time.”  – Maya Angelo

How’re those new year’s resolutions going? On track, I hope. This month we’ve been out and about, talking to some fascinating people. We’ve never felt so informed. Tailors, denim experts, hoteliers, brewers, foodies, authorities on whiskey, wine, barbering and art festivals have all blessed us with their time to chat thoughtfully and in-depth about their respective fields. Some of those conversations are featured in this issue, others you’ll have to be a little bit more patient for. Elsewhere in EJ30, we’ve chatted to the one and only Clint Eastwood, about directing in his 80s and featuring real heroes in his latest film. Tom Williams reviews Daniel Day-Lewis’s final bow, Hannah Sargeant let’s you in on one of Morocco’s best kept secrets and our columnists do some gale-force grumbling. Thanks for picking up a copy, feel free to recommend it to a friend.