Mastering the fine art of the aperitif 

Elaborated in the wine cellars of Podensac – a small, picturesque village just south of Bordeaux – Lillet’s aperitifs have long since been a glorious celebration of France’s famed conviviality and penchant for artistic flair. Never have these fine French attributes been better represented than during Lillet’s latest collaboration with The Essential Journal. Gathering in the ruggedly-charming, post-industrial setting of the Baltic’s very own Dockleaf bar, guests were treated to an evening of fine art and Lillet’s world-famous, wine-based aperitif.

Offering more than the traditional talking-and-tasting format, however, guests were given the chance to create their own twists on the classic Lillet spritz. Now, it’s no big secret that the masterful balance of rich fruit and superior wine helps Lillet pair effortlessly with a touch of tonic or a splash of fizz for that perfect year-round spritz. But there’s something to be said for the joy of making one for yourself, and it’s not often that you get a masterclass in self-serving Lillet spritz from Dockleaf’s roster of bartending maestros.

And as if that wasn’t enough, guests were also treated to a watercolour workshop courtesy of Lillet’s resident artist and ambassador, Clo Lataille. The atelier-esque allure of Dockleaf’s first floor terrace proved to be the perfect setting for the free-spirited elegance and vivid vibrancy of both Clo’s work and Lillet’s vision, and all were encouraged to join in. By all accounts, the night provided guests with a whole manner of ways in which to appreciate the enduring artistry of Lillet’s wine-based aperitifs.

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