London Film Festival Call Me By Your Name Call Me by Your Name is a Masterpiece
Much praise has been given to Luca Guadagnino about his latest film Call Me by Your Name and we can confirm it is a film of excellent quality. It’s a piece of cinema timeless in its composition, from the idyllic setting of Northern Italy to the ageless story of love between Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer).  

London Film Festival Last Flag FlyingCranston, Fishburne and Carell Are a Perfect Combination
Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying stars the well-experienced actors as three war vets on a journey to bury Doc’s (Steve Carell) son after he died on duty. Expect laughs, tears, and even more outstanding screenwriting from one of the biggest talents of his generation.  

London Film Festival MeyerowitzAdam Sandler Can Sing!
Netflix-bound, The Meyerowitz Stories, boasts a phenomenal cast in what is one of the funniest films of the year. A step away from the normal Sandler shenanigans that have marred his career, and a step closer to cinematic brilliance. Director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) has created a hilarious ode to the inner-workings of family life and the relationships that exist within.  

London Film Festival LuckyHarry Dean Stanton’s Last Film is the Perfect Tribute to the Late Actor
Appearing as a leading man in John Carroll Lynch’s Lucky, Stanton’s character grapples with mortality, loneliness and David Lynch’s lost tortoise. An incredible performance which comes from a heartbreakingly real place whilst being incredibly funny and endearing.  

Michel Hazanavicius Would Love to Make a Film About a Famous Bogdanovich Interview
The Redoubtable and The Artist director discussed with us how he could see himself making a movie about an interview between Bogdanovich and John Ford. He admires the hilarious contrast between the intellectual interviewing style of Bogdanovich and the old school Hollywood abrasiveness of Ford.  

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London Film Festival Good TimeAnd Finally, Robert Pattinson’s hair fell out during Good Time
In an interview with The Essential Journal, director Josh Safdie discussed how creating Pattinson’s bleach blonde look was no easy feat in the soon-to-be icon film Good Time. We also discussed the films incredibly poignant and unique closing scene. 

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Words by Tom Williams, Cinema Editor
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