With the influx of food markets reaching new heights in recent times, we thought it be vital
to take a well needed look at this very modern way of dining

The Food Market – 2018’s ‘Greatest thing since bread came sliced’ award winner. The world cannot get enough of them as food continues to invade the entertainment sector. The hungry-and-sociables new found love of unique fast casual dining, paired with more commercial pros like low failure rates, cheaper, short-term rents and large empty spaces…oh and of course the mouth watering food…have sent the global trend into another atmosphere. 

Traditional markets like Altrincham Market – a few miles south of Manchester – have been reinvigorated in recent times thanks to the on-trend concept. For Altrincham, the food hall which opened in 2017 and often features in the world’s top ten, has played a major part in revitalizing not just the traditional market but the town, with bars, restaurants and small artisanal stores opening permanent spots in the streets immediately around it. It may take a while to find a seat on a Saturday afternoon, but it’s worth the wait.

A short train journey into Manchester and the brains behind Alti market, this year reimagined an 1858 Grade II listed building into their latest food hall venture, Mackie Mayor. Across town in the heart of the university quarter, a modest collection of brightly coloured shipping containers find themselves nestled below the Mancunian way. The award winning Hatch offers budding food operators a space to find their feet for relatively cheap, compared to the garish leasing of larger spaces which come with greater risk of failure. A key factor in the rise of the food hall phenomenon. With the bubble not set to burst anytime soon and hundreds readying to open their doors around the world in 2019, we took a look at five of our favourites from here in the UK. EJ

Victoria Market Hall, London
The team behind Market Hall Fulham recently cut the red tape to London’s newest food hall, Market Hall Victoria. Former home of super-club, Pacha and originally an Edwardian shopping arcade, the team have transformed the abandoned arcade into a sustainable hangout containing 11 kitchens, a coffee shop and three bars (with a roof terrace coming in 2019). We’re currently salivating over the Bun Shop from the minds behind Hackney’s Marksman Pub.

Bustler Market, Derby
Some say Bustler Market of Derby is the best in Britain. We can see where they are coming from. Open only on the last weekend of each month, Bustler showcases the best street food and drink the Midlands and beyond has to offer. For November’s edition they welcome Ruby’s Street Kitchen, Beer Metropolis and Homeboys. That’s a trio that are worth the trip.

GRUB, Manchester
Presenting the holy trinity of market hall essentials – ale, music and food, GRUB believe in offering a chance for customers to come and enjoy new and creative street food at all times. The food event pioneers have prided themselves on giving new grassroot traders a chance to develop their skills at GRUB’s food fair space. If positive festival vibes only is your bag, then GRUB is the place to go.

Duke Street Market, Liverpool
One that we are on the edge of our seats for is Liverpool’s Duke Street Food and Drink Market. The brains behind El Bandito, Slim’s Pork Chop Express and 81 Ltd. are aiming to bring one of the Northwest’s primary culinary tourism destinations to the city. With a sharp eye on quality, sustainability, produce, artisanal methods and experience, the 500 capacity venue is set to open in a beautifully restored 100 year old building, bringing together some outstanding operators from both in and outside of the city.