Take a shot at Martin Berg’s rendition of the quintessential winter preserve, compliments of Arket’s all-new Cookbook for Spring, Summer, Autumn
& Winter


1kg oranges 
1kg clementines/tangerines
2kg granulated sugar 
1l water 
5g black cardamom seeds 
20g whole cinnamon sticks


1. Wash and dry the fruit. Cut in half and then slice as thin as possible. 

2. Take out all the seeds and put in a tea globe infuser/strainer together with the cardamom seeds. 

3. Put citrus, spices and water in a large pot and boil for 15 min. Let the citrus mass set in a cool place for 24 hours with the seeds and the spices to activate the natural pectin in the citrus seeds and release the flavour of the spices. 

4. Then add sugar and boil until liquid reaches 103-104 C making sure to skim the surface during cooking. Clean the jars carefully and sterilize in a 125 C oven for 30 minutes. Make sure to boil the lids and rubber gasket as well. 

5. Test for thickness on a cold plate, boiling more if you want it thicker. 1-3 degrees more makes a lot of difference. 

6. When done, pick out the spices and fill the jars. This marmalade had no additives, so refrigerate to be safe. Serve on toast with cured cheese and coffee or tea. 

Words by Will HALBERT