Royal outfitters Hawes & Curtis’ latest collection of The Crown-inspired pieces drives home their royal foundations and regal standing

Known to the royal-blooded and the elegantly-minded alike, Hawes & Curtis is a quintessentially British brand that specialises in fine tailoring for both men and women. Founded in 1913 by Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis, the brand is built on the promises of quality, innovation and value. 

It is, no doubt, in the century-long tradition of keeping these promises that Hawes & Curtis has not only become a bastion of timeless British style, but has also garnered four Royal Warrants in the process. And what better way to testify to this timelessness and royal tenure than by curating a capsule collection inspired by the The Crown: Season 2? After all, both Hawes & Curtis and The Crown set themselves apart with their eye for detail, their hunger for history, and their passion for visual storytelling. 

As with the show itself, the latest collection from Hawes & Curtis offers an open invitation to explore the history and heritage of fine British style. From the sumptuous satin blouses and lavish pussy bows of the women’s collection, to the tailored suits and classic tweeds of the menswear capsule, both lines revel in their inspired regality. Both collections also find common ground in superior shirting, with the brand’s signature high-collared, cotton women’s shirts and Jermyn Street men’s shirts representing stand-out, hero pieces.

With a mutual taste for visual flare and strong historical foundations, both the capsule collection and The Crown have become the pen and the paper, the paint and the parchment, that have recast the unwavering sartorial grace of the Royal Family for the homes and hearts of the contemporary wearer. EJ

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Words by Ralph CANIS
Image Credits, Courtesy of Hawes & Curtis