With so many products putting out the proverbial fire rather than preventing it, we take a look at Stoer’s attempts to win back the initiative in men’s skincare

From the rugged harshness of remote rural townships to the relentless hustle and bustle of the inner city, the pressures of the environment are an ever-present attack on a man’s skin. With its premium range of washes, scrubs, serums and vitamin masks, Stoer Skincare was born out of desire to face these pressures head on. While most skincare products deal with general skin irritations, breakouts and signs of fatigue on an after-the-fact basis, it seems that Stoer has dedicated itself to developing a range of high-tech skincare products that can set up pre-emptive defenses for the skin.

The key component to Stoer’s defence line? Its signature Clima5 technology: A unique blend of five skin-saving, plant-based actives from four very different but individually challenging climates. From the moisturising properties of Scottish Peat Moss to the soothing and firming effects of the Mexican Barbary Fig, Stoer’s tried-and-tested combination of actives offers the perfect protection from any environment, from the Scottish coasts to the central London boardroom.

The specifics behind the whole process border on science fiction. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of these ingredients, Stoer’s Clima5 actives are encapsulated in a cutting-edge ‘cosmetic drone’ delivery system. This cosmetic drone technology wraps Clima5’s actives in a special microscopic, bio-compatible capsule – or drone – which is able to pass through the skin’s natural barrier and selectively deliver its protective payload into the cells they’re specifically aimed at. As a result, skin rejuvenation can be carried out on a deeper level, improving the look and feel of skin and setting up an ‘environmental shield’ that will protect the modern man from everything that daily life can throw at him, whether that’s rainstorms or razor burn.

This whatever-the-weather attitude is indicative of Stoer’s overall ethos, and explains the inspiration behind the brand’s name. A small village on Scotland’s west coast, Stoer is nothing if not a place of extremes. With a whole host of inclement weather types striking the village in a single day, the township of Stoer perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the brand’s ongoing, science-forward defiance of the elements.

Words by: Sam Carr, themodernman.com
Image credits: Stoer