Showcasing the unsung heroes and hidden ingredients of your favourite libations

Non-alcoholic fermentation at it’s finest, fruitiest, and most floral, Kombucha has quickly risen in popularity not only as a health drink and a reliable cocktail ingredient, but a solid, all-round alternative to beer.

Put simply, kombucha is a natural fermentation of sweet tea. Unlike beer and wine, though, kombucha is the product of both a yeast and bacterial fermentation. This basically means that, in one single-vat process, yeast cultures consume sugar to make alcohol, while bacteria consume said alcohol to make acid. These brewing measures make for a slightly tart, sparkling beverage that’s low in sugar and alcohol but dense with complex flavour. Despite the low ABV, kombucha boasts a robust, fully fermented flavour and a crisp, clean, dryness that lets its natural flavour speak for itself.

As with the hops in your favourite craft beer, unique brewing process behind kombucha puts the natural astringency and subtle acidity of the humble tea leaf front and centre. And while the brew can (and should) be enjoyed on its own merits, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t go down a storm with a healthy slug of gin and a splash of Punt E Mes.

Words by Will Halbert
Image Credits by Real Kombucha