As the Italian luxury house Ermenegildo Zegna unveil a new Autumn eyewear collection, we explain why sunglasses are in on cloudy days.

Now summer’s over you’re likely off the beach and sulking to work. The days of donning a patterned shirt and flip-flops to stroll through shoreside terrace bars are now but summer memories. For nights out in autumn you’re layered up. But there’s something missing, something integral in that laidback summertime wardrobe still unpacked from the suitcase on the floor. Sunglasses, our second eyes on sunny days are that missing seasonless essential. As proven by style icons of the silver screen like Steve Mcqueen and Robert Redford, a pair of understated shades is the key to a sophisticated look all year round. Tinted lenses and black horn-rimmed frames are vintage and nonchalant on cooler outings; whilst wood-framed shades match this season’s warm colours and low autumn sun.

That’s exactly why Zegna are two steps ahead with their new Autumn and Winter eyewear collection. The Italian luxury fashion house made their name tailoring luxury suits, starting in 1910 with looms in the Alps and now, with stores worldwide including Milan and New York, the brand thrives. A prestigious label in their own right, Zegna have also produced some of our favourite suits for Gucci, Dunhill and Yves Saint Laurent. To this day, Zegna is the biggest menswear brand in the world by revenue. For that reason, we assume you’re already pretty familiar with the name, but not with their reputation as eyewear pioneers. A family business for over 100 years, it is Zegna’s fourth generation that have teamed up with fellow Italians, the Marcolin Eyewear group, for this striking new range.

Their sunglasses have a distinct Italian style rarely seen outside of Trivero or Milan. The range faithfully toasts the past with keyhole-bridge design and sophisticated frames made of wood and titanium. For a sharp look, the glasses have fresher details like signature chevron rivets and wooden accents. Sophisticated and confident, some models are squared shaped with others built in a classic teardrop style. As a whole, the range is distinctly masculine and bold, catching eyes whilst keeping you cool and composed on bright mornings or leary nights. Whether it’s stormy out or even a little patchy, Zegna have helped make sunglasses a newly essential item in the modern man’s outfit.EJ