Introducing The Essential Journal Subscription Service

Nowadays the only thing that comes through your letterbox is a bill. Or a takeaway menu to that rough looking place down the road that you try to avoid at all costs. Well, that was until The Essential Journal started offering a free subscription to its gentleman’s monthly – a rundown of everything from luxury fashion and art coverage to exclusive interviews with Hollywood’s acting royalty. We’ll show you the sights and sounds of the North West and further afield like a local (even if you are one). And keep you abreast of the things you want to know about, when you want to know about them.

We still remain a free newspaper, one that you can pick up at all your favourite spots, we’re just offering you the option of leafing through our pages in your own time and delivered direct to your door. To cover the cost of postage and packaging a small charge of £2 per issue will be applied, but that’s not much when it enables you to catch up with the latest issue of The Essential Journal in bed, on a Sunday, in your underwear.


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