While I can personally attest to the fuzzy little stress-sponges that our four-legged, canine companions can come to be, neither myself nor Schultz are suggesting that you go out and buy or steal one. Rather, Schulz is trying to tell us that, above all, happiness lies in the little things. Here at The Essential Journal, we’re inclined to agree. In fact, we kind of make a big deal of the little details. This issue is no different: From the minute detailing of a hand-tattooed shoe, to the cultural significance of one tiny cartoon beagle. From the finer details of The Dude’s own cardigan, to the cocktail comforts of London’s daintiest boutique hotel. We’ve compiled a small compendium of the little things that often leave a big impression. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. And should the occasion arise, go pet a warm puppy.

 Will HABLERT, Editor

Installation views of: Good Grief Charlie Brown! Celebrating Snoopy and The Enduring Power of Peanuts at Somerset House

Who we’ve been Visiting
Somerset House Exhibition: Good Grief, Charlie Brown

To say that Charles M. Schultz’ Peanuts comics were a cultural icon is an understatement: Over the nearly 50 years that Peanuts was published, Schulz drew almost 18,000 strips that were published daily in 2,600 papers across 75 countries in 21 languages. The latest exhibition at London’s Somerset House combines Charles M. Schulz’ original Peanuts cartoons with work from a wide range of contemporary artists and designers who, like TSPTR (also featured this issue), have found inspiration in the much-loved cartoon characters. The exhibition is a heartfelt homage to the enduring warmth and wisdom of Schultz’ most recognisable characters.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Will run from the 25 Oct 2018 to 3 Mar 2019

2nd November 2018
My Chivas Blend @ Royal Institution, Liverpool.
PH: © Tom Horton

What we’ve been Learning
Chivas Whisky Blending at The Royal Institution

It’s safe to say that we like our whisky here at The Essential Journal. So to join Chivas Regal at Liverpool’s very own Royal Institution for an evening of blending was a no-brainer. Following a wee tasting session from Chivas’ brand ambassador, Paul Nealon, we were then given the chance to create our own bespoke blend to take home with us. The evening not only provided a great dram in even better company, but also gave us a greater understanding of the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each and every bottle of Scotland’s finest blend.

Where we’ve been Staying
La Maison Hine, Jarnac

This month, our Editor in Chief had the honour of staying at the family-owned house of Hine, France, for a vine-to-bottle exploration of Cognac. Founded in 1763, Hine has made quite the name for itself as one of France’s most forward-thinking Cognac producers. The house’s penchant for experimentation within Cognac’s strict traditions keeps it feeling surprisingly young for its 250 years. From its single estate, Grand Champagne expression, to its delicate-yet-intricate, Fine Champagne blends, each and every bottle of Hine is both a nod to the house’s rich terroir and a celebration of its immense heritage. Expect more on this in the months to come.


Who’s been Getting into our Pants

 As part of the label’s 2018 repair tour, Swedish denim specialists, Nudie Jeans, headed to Liverpool on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th of November. For the first time in the North West, Nudie affectionados (ourselves included) had the chance to bring their previous-season, battered and bruised Nudies over to menswear store, Weavers Door for a little TLC. Located on Harrington Street, Weavers Door made a little room for Nudie’s mobile repair station, giving all denim heads (again, ourselves included) a chance to dust off their moth eaten jeans and bring them down to be patched up. 

And the fun didn’t stop there: Nudie Jeans Co. and Weavers Door went on to host an after party over at ‘Aerie’: A new project in the loft space above Buyers Club. Free denim repairs, a couple of beers and great music: what more could we have asked for?

Weavers Door, Cavern Walks, 1 Harrington St, Liverpool L2 6RE

The Primer Image: Snoopy and the Astronauts

Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission in the United States Apollo space program, and the second to orbit the Moon. Its success enabled the first landing to be attempted on the Apollo 11 mission just two months later. Already famous for his fantasies of taking on the Red Baron in aerial combat, Snoopy swapped the flying goggles for the space helmet to become NASA’s official mascot. The flight modules took on the names of Peanuts characters, with Charlie Brown as the Command Service Module, and Snoopy as the Lunar Module. Pictured here are the crew of Apollo 10 petting Snoopy’s nose for luck before launch.

NASA, A touch of Luck. 1969, Image courtesy of NASA

Words by Will HALBERT & Reece FEENEY