A women’s jacket that I brought from an op-shop in Queensland. It’s a perfect fit, it has black and white striped cuffs and collar and I love wearing it. Shoulder pads and all! – Ben Shewry

My vintage herringbone tweed coat from Burberry. I bought it about ten years ago in a beautiful vintage store in Dublin and I wear it every winter, a classic. – Clodagh McKenna

I’m not massively invested in anything I own clothes-wise but I do have my favourite pair of shoes which are a tan leather pair of brogues by Joseph Cheaney. You could wear them all day, to a date or a wedding or to the office, and they always look like the coolest in the room. – Dhruv Mittal

A Cos soft cotton black bomber’s doing well for me at the moment — it’s quite good at fitting in at both smart and casual events. – Ed Smith

A jacket by Tin House / Old Town. I bought it for £45 from a second hand market in Spitalfields, London. It fits really well, and is incredibly well made. I’ve worn it so much, and other than the colour fading a bit, it shows no signs of wear. – Fergus Jackson

I made myself a poncho the other day which I quite enjoy wearing at home. It’s like having a portable blanket.
 – Ivan Tisdall-Downes

My most cherished item of clothing has to be my Schott b3 bomber jacket in black and it’s the best of all in terms of fit and quality in comparison to other brands I find. – Kian Samyani

A dark green wool coat by Burberry that I bought in Paris about 7 years ago. I’ve always had strong suspicions that it’s a lady’s coat but that’s never stopped me wearing it. – Merlin Labron-Johnson

My Star Wars boxer shorts. Old, comfy and the nearest I can get to dressing like a Jedi knight every day. – Nathan Outlaw

I bought a Belstaff Roadmaster jacket with the first pay packet of my first job after University (which now seems like a very long time ago). I still wear it to this day and get a great feeling every autumn when I pull it out of the cupboard for its first outing of the season. – Nicholas Balfe

Probably a fucked pair of flip flops that saw me up and down the Himalayas – now unusable but I still hold onto them for memories’ sake. – Sam Buckley

My bespoke Paul Smith wool suit. – Theo Randall

My kilt – Campbells wear the Argyle tartan. – Neil Campbell

I just abuse all my clothes, so I don’t really cherish… ah, do you know what actually? My Barbour jacket. Because, obviously they’re great in winter and they keep you warm, but I can chuck my Barbour on, get out into the field and do some work and I can wear it on the farm everywhere, but I can chuck it on, go into town and look fine. Wear it into work, chuck it on the peg. It’s a coat for all occasions. People wear them as a proper smart piece of attire, but also it’s very practical, it’s got about 25 pockets on it so usually I’ll have potatoes in my pockets and stuff, but I’ll still look smart when I’m walking into the coffee shop and nobody realizes you’ve just come off the farm. – Tommy Banks

Interviews by Will HALBERT & Davey BRETT