Corn Dogs at Santa Monica Pier. – Andy Taylor

Making a cake as a small child and adding one cup of baking powder instead of one cup of flour. Interesting volcanic results. – Ben Shewry


Baking the most delicious cinnamon rock buns with my mum and sisters on a Saturday morning when I was a wee girl. The smells would linger all around the house for the day. – Clodagh McKenna

Eating white bread, malai (thick cream at the top of homeset full fat milk) and sugar at the hands of my Amaji (grandmother) when I was three or four. – Dhruv Mittal

Helping Mum with the gravy and puddings for the Sunday lunch, because then I didn’t have to wash up. – Ed Smith

It’s not my earliest, but my strongest childhood memory of food is of eating barbecued Merguez sausages on a family holiday in France aged eight or nine. – Fergus Jackson

Thinking that I’d invented cooking fried vegetables with cheese and pasta. Or pretending I was on Ready Steady Cook whilst making peanut butter on toast after school. – Ivan Tisdall-Downes

Rolling chapattis while eating the raw dough as a four-year-old on our kitchen counter with our cook at home in Mumbai. We called him ‘baba’ which literally means father – he was with us from before I was born until he retired and went back to his village last month. Even now when we call him up to see how he is doing, his first question is always ‘have you eaten properly!’ – Karan Gokani

My earliest memory of food is a tough one, I have a mix of memories all predominantly early on in my life but my favourite is probably when we used to visit a family friend in Hammersmith, he has a fish and chip shop there just off Fulham Palace Road and it was always such an event! – Kian Sumyani

Making apple crumble with apples from our garden. We used brown sugar, butter and oats, and would drench in double cream to eat for breakfast. – Merlin Labron-Johnson

Gang Gang Pizza and grandfather’s tomato toast. – Michael Carr

Feeding my younger brother earthworms when I was about four. I’m told they’re high in protein. I didn’t know that then but he seemed to like them. My Mum had a fit when she saw me doing it. I also have fond memories of baking rock cakes and butterfly cakes with my Mum.  Cutting the wings is quite tricky, it was my first real kitchen skill. Eating them was good too. – Nathan Outlaw

Rhubarb crumble and Bird’s custard. – Paul Ainsworth

From a very young age we used to have an Indian takeaway every Friday night at my Aunty Kath’s. Everyone around the table, an abundance of curries and sundries in the middle of the tables, poppadom piled high, fluffy naan breads, these more some of my favourite times. – Sam Buckley

Baking with my Mum and licking all the bowls. The first word I said was chocolate so not surprising I became a Chef. – Theo Randall

My father was a fisherman on the west coast of Scotland and he used to chase me around the house with massive langoustines. One of my best memories is sitting eating stir fried langoustines with garlic, chilli and lemon placed in a big bowl in the middle of the table. We would sit as a family and crack them open with our hands. – Neil Campbell

Cooking tinned minestrone soup in a kettle. It didn’t end well. – Robin Gill

I remember I really liked octopus when I was in Spain. I remember being really freaked out by it, but then loving it. My brothers had burger and chips every day, but I was eating octopus. – Neil Rankin

It was probably when I was four years old in Samoa. I remember climbing a cocoa tree so that I could eat the cacao pods. – Monica Galetti

Interview by Davey BRETT & Will HALBERT